The picture shows Susanne Skogstad who is current in the Literature Days 2021

Susanne Skogstad

Åland's literature days

Last year (2020), NIPÅ had plans to present debutant Susanne Skogstad during the Literature Days. Unfortunately, the development of the Corona virus then put an end to the Literature Days, but now we are making a new attempt! This time, the entire Literature Days will be digital and exciting programs and conversations are promised.

The book "Svartstilla" is about a woman who becomes ill from grief and in an author conversation with Janina Orlov, Susanne will tell more and discuss her famous debut novel.

Skogstad was born in 1992 and grew up in Eid in Nordfjord, today she lives in Oslo where she studies at the screenwriting line at Westerdals.

"In this book, a young woman writes about an old woman. [..] The novel develops an unusual sensitivity to the mental strain of aging, wherever one is, in the middle of it or beside it. It is not easy to give up life. Not for anyone. ” - Maria Schottenius, DN.

"A promising debut about getting sick from grief" - John Sjögren, SvD

Please read the entire program here.

When? 27.3, at 12.55 - 13.15
Artist? Susanne Skogstad


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