Exhibition at NIPÅ that conveys the feeling and stories of immigrants on Åland. Vernissage January 28th, 2021

Welcome home - we meet in the middle

Some people change home many times. Others have the same home all their lives. Behind each person there is a story about what home is, and interesting thoughts about what makes you feel at home in a new place. Now we at the Nordic institue on Åland are looking for artists for the upcoming exhibition where immigrants share their expressions and stories!

Some move because of work, love, studies, while others flee war, poverty or human trafficking. On Åland we are enriched with many different cultures; more than 100 different nationalities and 67 different languages are currently gathered on our small island-archipelago in the middle of the Baltic Sea. As many as 37 percent of all those who live on the Åland Islands were born elsewhere. (source ÅSUB.) These are impressive figures considering how small Åland is.

Behind every humanbeing there is an exciting and interesting story. The search for a new home looks so different for each person, we all have different backgrounds and experiences. We hope that this will be an exhibition that embraces inclusion, roots, origins, diversity, the meaning of the concept of home, thoughts on establishing oneself in a new society, the desire to enrich Åland with its own background and culture, and the need to meet in the middle. The opening of the exhibition will also be part of the final seminars of the AMIF project "Safe Haven", which has for several years worked for better integration on Åland.

All kinds of expressions are welcome in the exhibition, everything from song, paintings, sculptural, digital, theater, etc. - it is the story that is important. The works of art / contributions to the exhibition must show YOUR story and your expression. The theme and common thread is' "Welcome home - we meet in the middle."

At the exhibition, we guarantee that you can choose whether you want to be anonymous or whether your name can be linked to your work. Country of origin may need to be included in the exhibition for the viewer's experience. When applying, we need your contact information to be able to contact you who want to be an exhibitor.

Deadline for registration is 23.10, and the jury will make a decision no later than 9.11. Finial works of art must be available in NIPÅ's premises on Storagatan 9, in Mariehamn, no later than 7.1, 2021.

You do not have to be a professional artist in order toa apply and participate, EVERYONE who wants to make a creative expression in order to show and share their story of searching for a new home, is warmly welcome to apply.

The jury consists of: Anusha C Andersson; board member of NIPÅ and business developer at the Riksteatern in Sweden, Annika Hambrudd; Minister of Culture and Education and Nicklas Lantz, actor, director and musician who also has personal experience of establishing a new home on Åland.

Where? Exhibition at Gallery NIPÅ, Storagatan 9, Mariehamn
When? 28.1-25.2, 2021
Opening? 28.1, at 19.00

Note! The last day to apply for interest as an exhibitor was October 23rd. Those who have applied an interest will receive an answer on 9.11

Photo: Miikka Airikkala, Kökar, Åland Islands.

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