The wordsmiths - a writing course for young people with Norah Lång and Jorunn Lavonius. Photo: Lova Rudin

The wordsmiths

A writing course for young people 

Are you in high school and interested in words, language and writing? In this course, you will practice writing stories, poems, environments and characters in an inviting, writing community. No previous knowledge is required to participate, just a big dose of curiosity about your own story!

This summer, Ordsmidarna opens its doors for the second time for young people to explore their own writing together with course leaders Jorunn Lavonius and Norah Lång. During the course, participants explore different ways of approaching wordsmithing through writing exercises and text conversations.


This year, the writing during the course will be linked to Åland 100 and what it means to be a writing young person on Åland today. We will address topics such as culture, identity and writing together.

"- We want to offer a toolbox of the best writing tips we've picked up over the years," says Norah.

"- During the course we will explore writing as an identity seeker and as a collective activity. There is thus room both for co-creation and for looking for one's own individual language and style." says Jorunn.

About the course leaders:

Norah is 22 years old and studies interculture and cultural heritage. She has studied creative writing at Jakobsberg Folk High School in Stockholm, documentary film at Öland Folk High School and worked with cultural journalism. Her own writing usually takes place in the form of a poem and touches on themes such as heritage, residents, nature, youth and the impact of the growing environment on humans. Over the past year, she has also worked on the documentary film "DO NOT FEEL SHAME FOR ME MARIEHAMN", which follows the lives of young mariehamnarers.

Jorunn is 23 years old and is studying writing at Skurup Folk High School. She also works with journalism and writes a collection of lyrical poetry that moves in the borderland between the Åland archipelago and the Garden of Eden. But she also enjoys writing short stories about youthful love and power structures. She prefers to work with rhythm, dialogue and bringing characters to life.

Jorunn and Norah have been friends since the age of ten and have since collaborated on various creative projects - from contributions to the music competition Young Bands to poetry reading at Mariehamn's literature days and as table neighbors at a newspaper editorial office. As teenagers, they lacked a larger writing context, and largely discovered on their own that writing was something you could actually do. Today, both work on their own literary projects on the side of their studies.

When? June 28th - July 2nd 2021

Time? 10.00 - 15.00 every day, lunchbreak 12.00-12.45.
Coffee and tea is included, all the participants bring their own lunch. (There are utensils and cutlery as well as a microwave at Thuregården.)

Where? Thuregården

Target group? Young people of high school age, about 16-20 years.

If, for reasons of restriction, it is not possible to arrange the course on site, it will be held via Zoom.

Maximum number of participants: 15 pcs.

Participation fee: 20 euros.

Last day for registration June 4th (after that waiting list). 

Sign up here! (Please note that the form is in swedish.)

Photo: Lova Rudin

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