Kulturprogram 2021

18 Mar to 18 May

Solar Plexus

A journey into the human interior in the form of a digital exhibition by Ursula Sepponen. The exhibition Solar Plexus tells us something about what has been and the sorrow that... Read more »
Solar Plexus - a digital exhibition with Ursula Sepponen
24 Mar to 30 Apr

Open Stage

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) wants to give a gift to Åland 100 during the anniversary year 2021-2022. And we do that best by giving more space to culture! That is why we... Read more »
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22 Apr to 29 May
Nordens institut på Åland

We are nature

Art photographer Christoffer Relander shows in this exhibition his work for the first time on Åland. His latest follow-up to the award-winning ongoing series "We Are Nature" was... Read more »
Christoffer Relander - photo exhibition at The Nordic institute on Åland

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