Kulturprogram 2021

14 Jan to 09 Jun

Dance for Åland 100

The anniversary will be celebrated with dance! We have the pleasure to present a completely newly written song and a dance, which we hope that as many as possible want to learn... Read more »
The picture shows one of the dancers during recording of the film. Photo: Tinca Björke
18 Mar to 18 May

Solar Plexus

A journey into the human interior in the form of a digital exhibition by Ursula Sepponen. The exhibition Solar Plexus tells us something about what has been and the sorrow that... Read more »
Solar Plexus - a digital exhibition with Ursula Sepponen
24 Mar to 30 Apr

Open Stage

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) wants to give a gift to Åland 100 during the anniversary year 2021-2022. And we do that best by giving more space to culture! That is why we... Read more »
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14 Apr-26 May
Facebook livestream

Meet the nominees of the Nordic Council Literature Prize

From survival and madness to decay April 14th sees the start of a brand new series titled “Author stories” featuring the nominees of the 2021 Nordic Council Literature Prize. Each... Read more »
Meet the nominees of the 2021 Nordic Council Literature Prize
23 Apr

Greenlandic rock with strings

Small Time Giants is considered to be one of Greenland's very best live bands. The band strives to create music with emotion by building on personal and historical tragedies from... Read more »
Picture of the group Small Time Giants, which broadcasts a concert on nipalive.ax by the Nordic Institute on Åland in April.
02 May

Art forms in interaction

Can dance be an empathic response to a work of art? What does the interface between visual and performative art look like? Through moving pARTs you get to experience a dancing... Read more »
Movingparts. Art forms in interaction at NIPÅ.
15 May

Graphic walk

With Minna Öberg, at nipalive.ax. During the program, we get to take part of the process where Minna produces a work of art. Among other things, she will to show how to prepare... Read more »
The picture shows Minna Öberg who will do a graphic walk with the Nordic Institute on Åland at nipalive.ax
03 Sep
Bio Savoy
Pris: 10€

A small box of joy

Concert with Caroline Furbacken With a desire to encourage and contribute with joy and togetherness, in a time of insecurity and social distancing, singer and songwriter Caroline... Read more »
Picture of Caroline Furbacken before her digital livestream on nipalive.ax

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