Picture of Stäni Steinbock, one of the artist on Open Stage at Nordic Institute on Åland, 2021

I look forward to future collaborations!

– As a performing kantele-player, it was a big thing for me that NIPÅ arranged a live concert with me and my kantele-music. Otherwise, I mostly play in schools, daycare centers and old people's homes, which is very rewarding, but being able to play for the public was more interesting because the audience consisted of a mixed crowd of people from four years to silver hair.

NIPÅ created a homely scenography for my concert (as well as for Helena Flöjts who was in the same series of concerts, Open Stage) and the room was ideal for acoustic music without a PA system.

NIPÅ also handled all contact with the media in an excellent way, so I look forward to further collaborations. "

– Stäni Steinbock, musician


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