Welcome Home, den ålanska utställning om migration och hållbarhet kan upplevas i Buenos Aires

Aalandic exhibition Welcome Home in Buenos Aires

Publicerad Saturday 08 December kl 23:08

On the Nordic days "Dias Nordicos", NIPÅ presents the exhibition "Welcome Home" about migration and sustainability in a modern perspective. The exhibition is a result of many contributions, including the Ålands Multicultural Association, Staffan Beijer, Michael Donalds Architects, Maria Rosenlöf, curated and produced by NIPÅ. Jacob Mangwana Haagendal, curator of the exhibition, acts as coordinator for the cooperation between Dias Nordicos and the Nordic contributions. ROSA, Dansk Rock Samråd, is the central organizer of all the musical contributions that are also part of "Dias Nordicos".You can see the exhibition in Buenos Aires at  Casa Nacional del Bicentenario  until just before christmas.

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