Åland participates in Días Nordicos

Publicerad Thursday 25 October kl 12:31

There will be a whole "Nordic Week " in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires, when the festival focuses on Nordic culture, Dias Nordicos, at the beginning of December, going to Latin America with concerts, workshops, animation sessions, exhibitions, etc. The festival also goes to Lima in Peru, Montevideo in Uruguay and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

5 Nordic bands x 5 Argentinian partners
The Nordic musicians Peter Wangel (Denmark), The Hearing (Finland), Bird People (Åland), Hulda (Faroe Islands) and Da Bartali Crew (Greenland) will be part of a workshop with Argentinian colleagues - a work culminating in a workshop concert atCentro Cultural Recoleta Sunday 9 December. During their stay in Buenos Aires, the five bands will also play solo concerts at Recoleta.

"Welcome Home", exhibition on sustainable architecture, migration, etc.
From 4 to 16 December, there will also be an exhibition of sustainable architecture under the title of "Welcome Home" that focuses on people, architecture, migration, sustainability and the importance of having a home. The goal of the Åland exhibition is to show you how you, regardless of where you are and where you live, can build and create a home within the framework of your economy without destroying our planet. This exhibition including workshop takes place at Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, Buenos Aires.

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