Digital exhibition at Photo: Rodion Kutsaev

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Publicerad Tuesday 17 November kl 12:54

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) regularly presents digital exhibitions on A concept where the exhibition is shown online, according to the needs of the exhibition and the artist. A way to reach out with art in the Nordic countries despite the pandemic. 

Are you an artist and would like to exhibit digitally and through that reach out with your art in the Nordics through NIPÅ's channels and partner organizations? Then you should continue reading. Here below there is a link to a form, where you can register your interest, present yourself and your idea. You will receive a response within a few weeks.

The digital exhibitions highlight artists from all over the Nordic region, i.e. also the autonomous areas such as Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland. The digital platforms enable us to continue to show and spread Nordic culture on Åland and, vice versa, bring out Åland culture in the Nordic region, regardless of the pandemic and its restrictions.

Read more about digital exhibitions here.

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