Image of the Åland Karmelleriets by Ella Cronwell Morgan Grüssner specially designed champagne caramels

Competition - congratulations!

Publicerad Friday 19 August kl 10:24

During the summer exhibition "4 temperaments", the visitors could participate in a competition by guessing the number of cutlery that Johan Karlsson's artwork The Skarven was made of. A total of 317 people took part in the competition, but only TWO people have guessed the correct number. The correct answer was 732 pieces of cutlery! CONGRATULATIONS!

So far we have only managed to get hold of one of the two winners and we therefore say congratulations to Gunilla Häggblom! She wins a luxurious jar of specially designed champagne caramels that are produced through a collaboration between the Åland Karmelleriet and sommelier Ella Cronwell Morgan Grüssner from Vinsmedjan in Kvarnbo. The second winner is a child that we have tried to get in touch with, but have not yet been able to get hold of. Once we manage to get in touch with him, he too will receive his winnings, consisting of Åland caramels and lollipop also from Åland Karmelleriet.

Thank you to all of you who visited the exhibition and thank you to all of you lovely people who guessed correctly in the competition!

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