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Green, vibrant and inclusive cultural life

Publicerad Thursday 18 March kl 16:07

The vital role of culture in the green transition is reflected in the new priorities outlined by the Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture. Artistic freedom, cultural exchange programmes and dialogue lead to new solutions and opportunities for sustainable living. Culture and media create meeting places, pose important questions and help us address global challenges.

Culture has always played an critical role in Nordic co-operation. In fact, when the Nordic Council of Ministers was founded 50 years ago, cultural co-operation was the starting point for the process. In their new programme for 2021–2024, the ministers emphasise that culture will continue to play a crucial role.

“As chair of the Nordic cultural co-operation, I am happy and proud to launch a new programme for co-operation on cultural policy. Cultural co-operation is a key driver for the green transition. The new programme sets out the priorities for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ cultural sector over the next four years,” says Annika Saarikko, Finland’s Minister of Science and Culture and chair of the Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture in 2021.

Cultural co-operation is a key driving force for the green transition in the Nordic Region. Please read the whole article here

Photo: Caroline Hernandez

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