Picture before littlechristmas (lillajul) on Åland

Happy "lillajul"!

Publicerad Friday 26 November kl 14:07

Happy "lillajul"! That means small christmas. On Åland, we celebrate a small form of Christmas this weekend - the Saturday before the first Advent we have a tradition called "lillajul". Then we take in a small christmastree, we go to the Christmas market and we put up a star in the window. Maybe we take a gingerbread and wait for little Santa to come with some small gifts for the little ones. We think such an incredibly cozy tradition!

Anyone who wants to alternate the Christmas markets and gingerbreadsessions with a little culture, is warmly welcome to our gallery at the Nordic Institute on Åland. The exhibition "Nordic Ålandic" is open on Saturday at 12-15. Welcome!

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