Interview with Birdpeople - about music, Åland and the sea

Publicerad Saturday 15 December kl 14:14

Birdpeople's background from the small community on Åland shines through the group's electronic oriented music - although all three have moved away now.
"That's why we have so much equipment," replies the group's guitarist Jacob Lavonius in a conversation with him and Cecilia Wikström (electronics) in connection with Días Nórdicos in Madrid in October. - Because if there are new sounds we want to produce and we can not create, then we have to buy new equipment that are able to create the sounds we want.

Birdpeople is from Åland, the small island community with 30,000 inhabitants between Sweden and Finland. Åland belongs to Finland, but everyone on the island speaks Swedish.

The band members have known each other for many years just from the Åland Islands, but none of them live there now. Typically, the young people from Åland move to higher education, and in Jakob and Cecilia's case (they are 30 and 31 years old), they study philosophy and maths in Stockholm while the group drummer / percussionist Amanda Blomquist ( 26) has a little deeper Finnish roots and instead study philosophy in Helsinki.

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