Nordens Institut på Åland, NIPÅ välkomnar Nordisk Nöj till Åland

It´s time for Nordisk Nøj – concert for children on May 17th

Publicerad Wednesday 08 May kl 09:34

On May 17th it is finally time for Nordisk Nøj - a lovely children's concert for kindergarten children 4-6 years. During the concert, the children get to know, hear and and sing along in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish children's songs.

At NIPÅ's website, you could previously sign your interest up if you where intresed to come to the concert with your group. Since the interest was greater than the number of available places at the concert, NIPÅ made a selection and the choice is based on the number of places available and to get as large a geographical spread as possible. Now the children at Strandbacken, Neptunus and Trollsländan look forward to going to this joyful concert.

The concert has been a great success among the children who have already seen it!

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