Workshops at Nordic institute on Åland, Storagatan 9, Law Shifters exhibition.

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Publicerad Friday 18 September kl 12:36

How would you rewrite laws to be more just? This is a question for the socio-artistic project Law Shifters, which is now returning to Åland with an exhibition, workshops and a law machine.

Law Shifters is a project created by the Danish artist Stine Marie Jacobsen, where you can rewrite existing judgments and laws.  Through creative exercises in workshops, people around the Nordic region are invited to debate various legal cases and the result is an exhibition of new, or corrected, fictitious laws that are prepared in consultation with lawyers.

Law Shifters has been exhibited at Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center in Copenhagen, the Council of Europe, the Art Museum in Nuuk in Greenland and has also seen in the streets during the Nuuk Nordic Art Festival 2019.

The exhibition opens at the Nordic Institute on Åland on October 6th, and challenges the view of our legal society from a civic perspective.

In connection with the exhibition, a number of workshops will also be arranged in NIPÅ's premises on Storagatan 9, both for young people and adults - where YOU can participate and write more just laws.

The workshops are free, but there is a limited number of places - sign up!

Read more about the Law Shifters exhibition here

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