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Mobility funding

Publicerad Tuesday 15 June kl 08:51

” – Thank you! The mobility funding that has been granted to me means that I can participate in the Silamiut Theater Seminar in Nuuk in Greenland in October. The seminar is organized by the National Theater in Greenland, and the support means a lot, not only to me but to the many future generations of actors and theater enthusiasts. Archiving of Greenland's theater history can now be realized together with the other participants, thanks to this!

The whole process of applying for greater support and funding from the Nordic Culture Point for the first time, was not easy and therefore it has been fantastic to have a personal advisor from NIPÅ (Nordic Institute on Åland) who has been very helpful for me to have next to me throughout the process as expertise.”

Varste Mathæussen, Åland Mariehamn

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