New project manager at NIPÅ

Publicerad Tuesday 24 March kl 14:59

The Nordic Institute in Åland (NIPÅ) is pleased to announce that we have hired Alexandra Trizna as a new project manager. She starts her new position on April 14th.

Alexandra Trizna originally comes from an artist family and she has a master's degree from the Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts and has lived in Åland for four years. Alexandra has worked extensively to create exhibitions in both Gothenburg, Stockholm and Åland. Her broad art background is also supplemented by project management experience, and her focus has been on children, young people and adults in various projects.

Alexandra has a fine network in the cultural area both in Åland and in the Nordic countries. Her experiences range from everything from the museum world to galleries. This, combined with her own experience of working as an artist, we believe will be to her advantage in her new role as project manager at NIPÅ.

"- I feel that through the job at NIPÅ I can use all the strings on my lyra and my" Nordic contacts ". I have worked for many years in the cultural and arts sector and now I look forward to working with others and creating many interesting projects which strengthens cultural life between Åland and the other Nordic countries. " says Alexandra Trizna.

"-Especially I look forward to this when we are in a unique time where many new creative changes are needed in all areas, including culture. We will build new opportunities together." says Alexandra

About NIPÅ

The Nordic Institute in Åland (NIPÅ) is a cultural institute under the Nordic Council of Ministers. The institute's task is to enrich Åland with culture from all over the Nordic region and to promote Åland's participation in various forms of Nordic cultural cooperation and to spread Åland culture in the Nordic countries. The institute also has an advisory role in guiding cultural workers to find the right support and funds available at the Nordic level, in order to realize their Nordic projects.

Photo: Marcus Boman

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