NIPÅ is now Green Office Certified

NIPÅ is Green Office Certified!

Publicerad Wednesday 11 November kl 09:41

We at the Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) wish, just like many others, a sustainable future. We therefore strive to work as sustainably as we can in many respects. We want our work to inspire others to think and work more sustainably, not only in terms of environmental sustainability, but at least as important is social and economic sustainability. We also want to operate and work as environmentally friendly as possible.

To be able to do this, we have focused on the tools and processes that WWF Green Office offers. Here at the Nordic Institute, we have received good guidance on how we can work even more sustainably, and where we continuously work together as a team, examining how we constantly can reduce the environmental consequences of our work. And now we proudly would like to announce that NIPÅ is Green Office certified.

Together, we now have created an environmental management system that suits our organization's needs. This means that we can reduce the carbon footprint of the office, use natural resources wisely and in many different ways take concrete issues into account in our premises, projects and ongoing activities. We are now looking forward to the ongoing review and reporting that our Green Office certification means - because we feel that it makes us more observant of how we can constantly improve. The Green Office certification encourages us to hold a dialogue where we set common goals, we measure results and achieve improvements.

” – I am very happy and proud that NIPÅ has been certified as a Green Office institution. The institution has been screened in the best way and we now have, for the first time, a concrete tool for measuring our CO2 footprint. The focus is on the work areas we can potentially improve and we have been given tools that can help us reach our goals. NIPÅ works continuously to meet the sustainability goals we have defined and the Green Office certification gives us a unique opportunity to inspire not only the Nordic Council of Ministers, of which we are a part, but also our partners and networks. A thank you to who has been a great help and support in this process. ” says Jacob Haagendal, director at NIPÅ.

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