Anna Lind Bengtsson project manager at NIPÅ NIPÅ

NIPÅ has employed a new project manager with communication responsibility

Publicerad Friday 23 November kl 20:22

The Nordic Institute on Åland has employed Anna Lind Bengtsson as project manager responsible for communication.

On January 28, 2019, Anna will start as NIPÅ's new project manager responsible for communication and projects aimed at NIPÅ's adult audience.

Anna is 44 years old, born and raised in Sweden, educated at Uppsala University and Copenhagen Business School. She speaks fluent Swedish and Danish and has lived in Åland for the past 16 years.

Anna is an experienced communicator and she has worked with strategic communication, dissemination of cultural messages and she has strong knowledge in digital communication.

In addition to communication responsibility, Anna will be responsible for part of NIPÅ's cultural productions, concerts, lectures, performing arts and projects related to NIPÅ's overall strategies.

Privat is Anna artistic, has had a number of exhibitions and works for crafts, ceramics, painting and singing.

We are looking forward to welcoming Anna Lind Bengtsson in the new year.

Jacob Mangwana Haagendal, Director of NIPÅ, comments: "NIPÅ has long wanted to enhance visibility, both in Åland, in digital media and internationally

With the choice of Anna, NIPÅ gets a person with strong academic skills who also have a detailed knowledge of Åland and the ålandic audience.

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