NIPÅ is livestreaming the Kastelholm peaceconversation 28th March

Publicerad Wednesday 27 March kl 08:31

NIPÅ has the pleasure of cooperating with Åland's Peace Institute and livestreaming this year's Kastelholmssamtal on 28.3
(Please note that the conversation in the video is held in swedish.)

During the Kastelholms conversation (Kastelholmssamtalen), President Tarja Halonen discusses democracy, participation and the role of civil society with politicians Maud Olofsson and Pär Stenbäck as well as professors Li Bennich-Björkman and Göran Djupsund at Kastelholm Castle. After the castle conversation, the discussion is deepened through a round table discussion at restaurant Smakbyn with introductory comments from Fredrik Rosenqvist, doctor from the School of Economics at Lund University and journalist, most recently at the Åland newspaper as debate editor and leader writer, Moa Lindqvist, doctoral student in education sociology at Uppsala University, researching Swedish higher education and has taught rhetoric students, prospective informers and teachers at Uppsala University and the University of Gävle and Lotta Angergård, political scientist, alternate supervisor at Save the Children Åland with many years of experience of working with youth and civil society issues, former board member of the Åland Peace Institute.

At the round table the commentators give their perspectives on the topic of the conversation, after which the panel from the castle and the audience can reflect and discuss. Moderates Susann Simolin, journalist and information officer at Åland's Peace Institute.

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