Picture of young people's feet to present the support program Norden 0-30. Photo: Aedrian Unsplash

Norden 0-30. Apply by April 29th!

Publicerad Thursday 14 April kl 10:30

Norden 0-30 is a funding programme for young people in the Nordic Region aged 0 to 30 who have a creative project idea that requires funding. Projects that can be funded should cover culture, social issues, and/or politics. The largest amount you can apply for is EUR 50,000. 

Are you aged 0 to 30 or do you represent an organisation that works with children or young people? Does your organisation have documented experience of working with children and young people? Are you planning a collaboration that involves partners from other Nordic countries?

Did you know that the grantprogramme Norden 0-30 support projects with participants from two (2) or three (3) Nordic countries? In projects that consist of participants from two (2) Nordic countries, one must be Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands or Åland. Grants can be awarded to organizations, groups, municipalities, institutions, associations or networks. The applicant for the project must be resident in the Nordic countries. Applicants themselves do not have to be young, but must represent an activity that either consists of or has experience of involving children and young people.

If you want to know more about the support program Norden 0-30, you can contact us at the Nordic Institute on Åland, which is a local information point - we are happy to help you! You can also read more about the program on our sister organization's website, Nordic Cultural Piont.

Please note that the next deadline for application is April 29th at 15:59.


Photo: Aedrian Unsplash

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