The Nordic Council's award ceremony 2020 will be digital

Nordic Culture Prizes - digitally on 27.10

Publicerad Monday 26 October kl 16:01

Get ready for this year's most glamorous home party! This year, the Nordic Council's annual session will go digital on October 27th.

The Nordic Council awards five prizes each year: the literature prize, the film prize, the music prize, the environmental prize and the children's and young people's literature prize.

The Nordic Council's awards help to make close Nordic cultural co-operation visible. The purpose of the cultural prizes is to increase interest in the Nordic countries' literature, language, music and film. The environmental award rewards extraordinary efforts for the sustainable Nordic region.

The Nordic Council's awards are among the most prestigious awards in the Nordic region and enjoy great international recognition. The literature prize is the oldest of the five prizes. It was first awarded in 1962 and was followed by the Music Prize (1965), the Environmental Prize (1995), the Film Prize (2002) and the Children and Youth Literature Prize (2013). The five award committees select the nominees and the winner.

Each prize is DKK 350,000 and is awarded in connection with the Nordic Council's annual session.

The Corona pandemic has created new plans and therefore the Nordic Council's prizes will be awarded online this year during a unique award ceremony on 27 October at 21.10 CET.

Åland are nominated in several of the categories and we at the Nordic Institute on Åland are keeping our fingers crossed for an exciting and wonderful, glamorous, digital party.

Read more about Nordic Council's annual session here

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