The Nordic Institute on Åland presents Open Stage

Open Stage

Publicerad Thursday 02 September kl 12:00

Earlier this year the Nordic institute on Åland (NIPÅ) was looking for participants who wanted to present their cultural event on Open Stage - a concept that enables smaller cultural events during the anniversary year Åland 100. NIPÅ received many interesting applications and have therefore chosen to do two rounds of wonderful events for Open Stage in the autumn of 2021 and in the spring of 2022.

Open Stage will offer a variety of culturally impressions, both in terms of expression, stories, ages and genre. The first events in Open Stage will take place in the last week of October:

”Just before dark” with Helena Flöjt

It becomes intimate, atmospheric and uncluttered when Helena Flöjt performes her songs with the guitar. This is music that tells stories and touches your soul; Nordic written songs are mixed with borrowed melodies and translations from different times and countries, according to Nordic song tradition.

”A kantele on the run” with Stäni Stenbock

This is a performance with the instrument kantele in focus, Finland's national instrument where Stäni Stenbock sings and tells about the kantele. The show has previously been performed at schools, daycare centers, old people's homes and libraries etc. in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, the Faroe Islands and Åland. Stäni has a nerve in his story that makes everyone listen with interest.

The second part of Öppen Scen will be presented in the spring of 2022 and then more exciting events will be presented:

"One evening - three conversations about crafts" with conversation leader Nina Eriksén

Here, the Åland craft and handicraft are highlighted through three craft talks. There will be unexpected, fun and thought-provoking conversations with some of the most interesting and knowledgeable craftsmen on Åland. The conversation leader is the journalist and craftsman Nina Eriksén.

”Here and now” with Hanna Kivioja

An interactive and modern danceperformance created in collaboration with the audience. The visitors get to decide certain parts of the show; gets e.g. the dancer to see or talk, or do they want to determine some of the content such as a character or a mood? The performance is improvised directly according to the audience's rules. After the performance, the audience will also participate in a discussion about the experience of being part of creating a dance performance!

The concept Open Stage is a good opportunity for e.g. a smaller ensemble that otherwise would not have the opportunity to perform their cultural events. Exact dates and more detailed descriptions for each event will be presented later.

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