Föreslå kandidater till Nordiska Rådets miljöpris 2022!

Propose candidates for environmental award May 10th

Publicerad Thursday 05 May kl 07:56

Remember that YOU can submit proposals for the Nordic Council's environmental award 2022. Your candidate proposals must be submitted no later than 10 May. This year’s theme is: Nature-based solutions – a versatile response to the major environmental challenges facing society.

With this year’s theme, the Nordic Council want to raise awareness of the fact that nature and nature management play a pivotal role in solving the biodiversity and climate crisis. They are therefore an important ally in the fight against climate change. In addition, we want to emphasise the fact that nature-based solutions not only support the environment and biodiversity, but we can also plan such solutions in a way that they generate social, cultural and economic value.

Sauli Rouhinen, chair of the adjudication committee for the Nordic Council Environment Prize, says:

“The loss of biodiversity and its harmful effects on human health and well-being are becoming increasingly clear. It’s obvious that there’s a growing need for solutions that have nature at their core. With this year’s theme, we want shine a spotlight on good examples and initiatives from around the Nordic Region. In this way, we can share good practice and inspire even more people to think in terms of nature-based solutions.

Each year, the Nordic Council Environment Prize is awarded to a person, organisation, or initiative in the Nordic Region that has made an extraordinary contribution to the environment. The theme for the prize varies from year to year. The winner of the prize receives DKK 300,000.

Anyone can nominate a candidate

The Nordic Council Environment Prize is the only one of the Nordic Council’s five prizes for which anyone can put forward a candidate. 

The deadline for nominating a candidate is Tuesday 10 May.

Read more and nominate a candidate here!

Who can be nominated?

Priset delas ut till en nordisk näringsverksamhet, organisation eller person som på ett föredömligt sätt har lyckats integrera hänsynen till miljön i sin verksamhet eller i sitt arbete eller som på annat sätt har gjort en extraordinär insats för natur och miljö. Den eller de som får priset ska ha ett nordiskt perspektiv och vara verksam i Norden och/eller i relation till parter utanför Norden.  

The prize is awarded to a Nordic individual, enterprise or organisation that has managed to integrate consideration for nature and the environment into its business or work in an exemplary way, or that has made an extraordinary positive contribution to nature and the environment in some other way. The winning entity must have a Nordic perspective and operate in the Nordic Region and/or in relation to parties outside of the Nordic Region.  

Previous winners:

  • 2021 The Big Climate Database from think tank Concito (Denmark)
  • 2020 Jens-Kjeld Jensen (Faroe Islands)
  • 2019 Greta Thunberg (Sweden) (Thunberg turned down the prize) 
  • 2018 Attu Natural Resource Council, West Greenland (Greenland)

The Nordic Council Environment Prize was first awarded in 1995 with the aim of raising awareness of work on the environment in the Nordic Region. 

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