Nordic Institute in Åland - Local meeting place for the ReGeneration Summit in Åland 2020

Still possible to sign up for this years ReGeneration Summit!

Publicerad Friday 26 June kl 14:52

Regeneration 2030 is a movement led by teenagers and young adults in the Nordic countries and in the countries around the Baltic Sea. The movement is working to achieve the UN's sustainability goals and to give young people a prominent role in the talks on the future, which is unfortunately too rare.

ReGeneration wants to build a movement where teens and young adults, through innovations and pre-existing solutions, help get individuals, civil society, business and politicians to work towards the UN's sustainability goals. A sustainable society requires increased cooperation across national borders and between different generations. Therefore, ReGeneration strives to engage young people in our region to create actionplans that impact both locally and for the entire region.

Every year, young people gather at a summit, which is usually held at Åland, Mariehamn. The summit is a way to meet other committed young people. This year, the layout for the summit is slightly different than usual and much is done digitally through local hubs around the Nordic region, with a common agenda and program. We at NIPÅ are very proud and excited to be able to support the movement to strengthen the creativity and enpower young people so that we together in the Nordic countries can work for a sustainable future.

If you are young and interested in sustainability - do you know that you can still sign up for this year´s summit?! Submit your application today - so that you too can join in.

Everyone is welcome without any requirement of previous experience of sustainability work!

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