Picture of Norden 0-30.

Support program Nordic 0-30

Publicerad Monday 27 April kl 15:10

Now there is one week left of the application period to apply for the Nordic funding program 0-30 which Nordic Culture Contact administers.

The program supports children and young people's own projects and aims to strengthen their organization, influence and participation in political, cultural and social activities. The program's target group is children and young people up to 30 years. Support can be sought for projects or networks that consist of cultural, political or social activities in which children and young people themselves actively participate in the process and have the opportunity to influence the planning, implementation and evaluation of the project. Project partners should always encourage democratic participation and take into account the conditions for the project's children and young people to have a greater influence in the project.

Interested? Please read more about the Nordic funding program 0-30 here.

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