The Other and the sea

Theoretical and artistic workshop on alienation and holiness

Publicerad Monday 23 September kl 08:09

The Other and the sea

Who is "the Other"? How should we shape the relationship between "we" and "them"? How do we meet the stranger? Who is the stranger? Who are you and me? How are our identities shaped? How can we shape "the Other"? What existential questions need to be asked? Can the concept of holiness be regarded as a kind of emblem for differentness? How is this embodied in art, in contemporary art?


Are you a professionally active artist, designer, writer, writer or cultural worker in the Nordic countries? Then this is a workshop for you!

In the workshop, theory is mixed with artistic practice on the theme of alienation and holiness. Here you will get a broad review of some central models of understanding in contemporary art and history of ideas during a number of different lectures. At the same time, the theorethical parts and discussions are given the opportunity to be woven together with your own artistic practice and process through supervised own artistic / written work. The workshop also includes an introduction to Gregorian singing (plainsong) and excursions to Åland churches. Please observe that the workshop is held in Swedish. 


Workshop 19-31 August 2020 in Åland Islands

Presentation exhibition During the workshop period, participants have the opportunity to present an earlier work in an exhibition at Gallery NIPÅ in Mariehamn.

Own work (with remote supervision) during September-October 2020

Assessment in the form of an exhibition in the church of Saint Mårten in Mariehamn and a publication, October / November 2020.

Lecturers/ Workshop conductors 

Tom Sandqvist 

Professor emeritus in art theory and history of ideas, associate professor of art science, author and art-literature critic. Tom is a resident and active in Sweden. Especially his research on Dadaism's Eastern European and Jewish roots has attracted international attention.

Henrika Lax

Artist, resident and active in Åland. Has in recent years been involved in questions about man and her existential response to what scares and fascinates. Has long experience of leading courses in painting and thematically rooted artistic processes. Works with painting, text, drawing, sound, Gregorian vocals and performance.

Visiting lecturer:

Katarina Gäddnäs (FI), Assembly priest

Merete Mazzarella (FI), professor emerita in Swedish literature at the University of Helsinki

Ann Edholm (SE), artist, professor, member of the Royal Academy of the Free Arts

More guest speakers may be added.


Registration of interest, participation fee and selection

Register your interest now!

A declaration of interest together with a portfolio and / or CV is sent to

Participation fee: 500 euro 

(includes accommodation and full board at Pensionat Solhem, excursions, catalog, exhibitions and materials for 100 euros)

A maximum of 15 participants. A selection is made on the basis of artistic foundation and brief motivation.

For further information, please contact Tom or Henrika.

The project is being realized in collaboration with the Nordic Institute in Åland and Mariehamn parish.

Please note that the project is dependent on external financing, and can only be realized if such funding is granted.

Read more about the workshop and its themes in the project description which can be found further down the page. (only in swedish)


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