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Upcoming application periods autumn 2022

Publicerad Friday 19 August kl 08:02

There are many different Nordic grantprogrammes where you can apply for support for your cultural project. At the Nordic Institute on Åland we are more than happy to advise you on the possibilities available!

Our sister organization Nordic Culture Point has several application rounds in September and October:

  • Culture and art programme: 12.8–12.9.2022
  • Short-term network support: 20.8–20.9.2022
  • Mobility support: 29.8–29.9.2022
  • The Nordic countries 0–30: 6.9–6.10.2022

Applications are submitted via an online portal and please note that resp. application closes at 15.59 Finnish time at the current date. Read more on NKK's website here.

There are also many exciting forms of support for, for example, the start-up and implementation of cultural projects at the Nordic Culture Foundation, for example:

  • Project support, application deadline 3.10.2022
  • Start-up, 9.8-30.11
  • Globus Call, 6.6-3.10

Please read more about all forms of support on the Nordic Culture Fund's website here!

Feel free to ask us at the Nordic Institute on Åland if you need guidance or advice when looking around among the Nordic forms of grantprogrammes. Welcome in!

Photo: Swapnll Unsplash

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