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Who do you want to receive sustainability award?

Publicerad Wednesday 13 May kl 16:26

NIPÅ is an active and proud partner in the sustainability network barkraft.ax. Sustainability is important to us and has a central role in all our planning. Now we want to take this opportunity to remind you that it is time to nominate candidates for this year's sustainability award. Due to the corona pandemic, the annual sustainability meeting has been postponed until after the summer. This also means that the nomination period is extended.

The purpose of the Sustainability Award

The purpose of the Sustainability Award is to draw attention to people and initiatives that successfully convey and / or act as good examples in the realization of the development and sustainability agenda. With the Sustainability Award the aim is to draw attention to people, organizations and / or companies that act as innovators and leaders and that inspire other in the realization of the vision "Everyone can flourish in a sustainable society on the islands of peace". The nominees focus should be on one or more of the goals in the agenda, by ordinary activities or everyday life.

The goals of the Åland Development and Sustainability Agenda:

  • Goal 1: Healthy people whose inherent resources are growing
  • Goal 2: Everyone feels confident and has real opportunities to be involved in society
  • Goal 3: All water has good quality
  • Goal 4: Ecosystem in balance and biodiversity
  • Goal 5: Attractiveness for residents, visitors and companies
  • Goal 6: Significantly higher share of energy from renewable sources and increased energy efficiency
  • Goal 7: Sustainable and conscious consumption and production patterns

Four categories

This year there are 4 different categories to vote for

  1. Private person
  2. Association
  3. Business
  4. Public sector

The recipient of the 2019 Sustainability Award was Åland's Nature & Environment

And now it's time for you to influence the nominees for the 2020 prize! Please click here in order to read more and nominate to the Sustainability Award.

Photo: Levi XU

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