Picture from Greenand and NAPA. Photo: Per Bloch

You can also apply for support from NAPA in Åland

Publicerad Monday 27 April kl 13:09

Did you know that NIPÅ's sister organization in Greenland is called NAPA? Did you know that every year they give 3 million Danish crowns in support of Nordic artists and artists? And did you know that you as an artist or artist in Åland can also apply for this support? NAPA supports Nordic artist projects in Greenland - and Greenlandic artist projects in the Nordic countries.

We also want to tell you that our colleagues in Greenland are so wonderfully digital that they have produced a little mini-podcast on how to create the best application. Please click here, listen, and apply!

Take cafe and good luck woth your application.

Link to NAPAs homepage

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