Lisa Schåman på bild, som dansade i Moving pArts på NIPÅ, Nordens institut på Åland

Thank you NIPÅs online initiative!

"I am so pleased to know that the Nordic Institute on Åland wants to carry out projects with themes from the entire culture and art spectrum. As I work in the "narrow" field of art - conceptual contemporary dance - I know that the genre does not necessarily have to be difficult to interpret, exclusive or pretentious. But that it requires a welcoming context. I think NIPÅ succeeded in this in its project Moving pARTs. Although the invitation with the instructions for the project was clearly formulated from the start, it did not put a lid on creativity and my experience is that the organizers showed respect for our own visions and interpretations and left room for the various artistic expressions. It is very important in my art to collaborate with people who trust me and can give my work and my special artistic competence space."

"That NIPÅ managed to create such a successful event, despite the circumstances of the pandemic and the subsequent restrictions, made me very impressed! That art and culture are an important environment for humans has shown, especially during the pandemic, that many have stayed at home and needed to reduce the social envorionmet. I strongly believe that we feel good about being in the artistic spheres where we can both connect with ourselves and each other. Thank you NIPÅ's online initiative!"

– Lisa Schåman

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