Participants from the trip made in 2019

"That's how I learned to write in a new way"

Four girls from Åland and the writer Zandra Lundberg. In 2019, they went to the Estonian island of Kihnu on a creative writing camp, funded by the Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ). 

– If there comes new opportunities, then apply and go for it! I am so grateful for NIPÅ and everything I learned, says Angelina Eklund, one of previous years' participants.

The creative writing camp in Estonia is an exercise in letting go of achievements and focusing on the playful and creative. It is also an opportunity to meet other cultures and make new friends.

– I still think about our trip almost every day, says Angelina Eklund.

– It is not so important that the writing is perfect right from the start. It is more important that you feel inspired. That was the best tip I took with me from there, she adds.

Learned to write short stories 

The camp, which lasted for three days and was led by the Danish author Caroline Ørsum, is part of a larger project called Nordic Writers Crossing Borders. Nipå booked and was responsible for the Åland participants' travels.

– First we went by boat to Tallinn and then by bus to Pernå and then on by another bus to the port, from where we took the boat to Kihnu, Angelina says. She was 15 years old and found the meeting with the Estonian island, culture and the other participants very exciting.

– It was so nice there and I am still writing one of the short stories I started on during the camp.

Got new ideas

Zandra Lundberg, was a leader on the journey in 2019, and motivated the participants to start writing, think outside the box, brainstorm ideas and ball characters.

– The participants came to a cool place where they meet many other young people who also are interested in writing. They will be inspired and come home full of new ideas and knowledge about authorship, she says.

Text: Liz Lindvall

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