Åland Pride: The Genius Workshop ENG

Studio Naiv

The Genius Workshop


Apply through: info(a)blauefrau.com
Workshop language: English
Target group: Women and transgender
Age limit: +18
Where: NIPÅ, Köpmansgatan 4, Mariehamn
Date/time: 17-18 August, 11.00-17.00 o'clock
Max participants: 15-20 people


We have, mostly amongst women, seen a pattern. You can call it
”the-good-girl-syndrome”, fear or the deep cuts of patriarchy.
The pattern we’ve seen is that few of us dare to be pretentious, naiv
and free in our creative work. We always think long and hard before we
create and we limit ourselves in our creativity.

We want to explore the feeling of being the pretentious male genius.
We want to brag about our art, create unhindered, be torn of creative
madness and then be celebrated for it! But we still want to be able to
be humble and open for opinions and ideas from others.
And we want to challenge the idea that you can’t do both.

In the genius workshop we will create a space for conversations and
creativity where you will be able to explore your inner genius through
the Studio Naiv method. The first day of the workshop contains of
exercises conducted by the Studio Naiv crew where you will get keys to
arouse your inner genius. The second day we invite you all to the
Studio Naiv Avantgarde Salon an utopian place where we focus on
producing great art.

About Studio Naiv:

Studio Naiv is a group, a movement, a name.
We consists of: Sofia Wigand, an artist, performance artist educated in political performing arts among others. Mikaela Knapp, actress and performance artist and founder of the feminist, norm-critical performance group Per.Får.Mens educated in political performing arts among others.
Anna Nordenström, music artist who creates electronic-pop under the name Call me and Manatii.

We have created Studio Naiv. An experiment, a network and a creative explosion. In Studio Naiv, we create what the hell we want, and we get praised for it. We make bad art and call it brilliant. As a first step to get over the high threshold spelled ingenuity we use Studio Naiv. In this first step we focus on quantity rather than quality, since we feel our biggest problem is that we usually overthink things before we create.


In collaboration with Blaue Frau from Finland, NIPÅ invites you to The Genius Workshop with Studio Naiv during Åland Pride 2017.
The project is supported by Nordisk kulturkontakt

Blaue Frau is a feminist and normcritical duo consisting of the artists Sonja Ahlfors and Joanna Wingren. Blaue Frau was founded in 2005 as an independant branch to the nordic drag king group Subfrau.
Blaue Frau gives theaterperformances, do workshops and gives lectures about power structure, gender construction and drag. The workshops are directed to professional artists as well as other professions.

Åland Pride 2017 is organized by the HBTQI association Regnbågsfyren rf in Åland between 16th-20th fo August. 5 days and nights with a wide range of cultural activities, lectures, festive atmosphere and of course a colorful parade through the city of Mariehamn.


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