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One-on-one appointments with grant programme advisers

One-on-one appointments with grant programme advisers are available!

Autumn’s application rounds for the Nordic and Nordic-Baltic grant programmes will open after sommer holidays. In August, the Nordic Culture Point intensifies the grants information with a possibility to book an online appointment with a grants adviser.  We offer appointments on  23–24 August and you can choose either general information about grant programmes or advise on a certain funding form.  The language is Scandinavian or English – but this is something to discuss individually with your adviser!  

Book your appointment here 

The Nordic House welcomes curator from program Artists at Risk

We would like to welcome Ukrainian curator Yuliia Sapiha
to The Nordic House in Reykjavík. Yulia Sapiga is now a curator in residence at The Nordic House Reykjavík after escaping Ukraine in july, 2022. Sapiha comes to the Nordic House through the program Artists at Risk (AR). Sapiha is a young curator primarily working with urban space, art as social experiment and for her own project FOL`GA, a street gallery based in Lviv, Ukraine. ARTISTS at RISK (AR) is a non-profit organisation active at the intersection of human rights and the arts. Since 2013, AR has built a mondial network of arts and non-profits, municipalities, states and international organisations to assist, relocate and fund artists who are at risk of persecution, oppression or fleeing war or terror.

PIKKNIKK – Free concerts on sundays this summer!

PIKKNIKK – Music on sundays this summer! We will continue our pikknikk concert series this summer. As always the concerts are for free and will take place outdoors if the weather is agreeable.

Sundays at 15pm. See program below.

New library system

What is happening?

New library system is coming our way and while it is being updated our self-check in stations are out of order, no new books can be listed and you won’t be able to reserve or renew your loans. But you can of course come and loan books. Please bring your library card with you.

This is temporary for two weeks through 31st of may – 13th of june.

17th May – Norways nationalday

Norway’s national day is celebrated on 17th May. Many Norwegians live in Iceland and tomorrow many of them will gather and celebrate the day together.

Normannslaget, an association of Norwegians and ‘friends of Norway’ in Iceland, organises a festive program on this day. Part of it will take place here in the Nordic House between 11:00 and 14:00. For more information about the program please contact Normannslaget.

Gratulerer med dagen!

A new chapter in the history of the Nordic House: Elissa Aalto

This year 100 years have passed since the birth of architect Elissa Aalto. Elissa Aalto is an important figure in Finnish architectural history. Both through her own projects and for the work she did for many years with renovation, maintenance and protection of buildings by Alvar Aalto. For the Nordic House in Reykjavik, she was of crucial importance.

In the communication of the Nordic House’s history, the focus has been on the great Alvar Aalto and on his close and equal collaboration with his first wife Aino Aalto. Even though Aino had passed away 20 years before the Nordic House was inaugurated, she is the one who has been present. We have two meeting rooms called Aino and Alvar – the small one Aino and the large Alvar. We even have two ducks in the pond outside called Aino and Alvar. Elissa, on the other hand, was not visible.

But when we started the research for the upcoming renovation, we found her in the archive: in documents, in drawings and in handwritten letters. She was the one who, in close collaboration with the project architect Ilona Lehtinen, completed the drawings for the construction. De facto she in practice managed Alvar Aalto’s agency already during the 1960s. After his death in 1976, she did so until her death in 1994 and was thus responsible for all changes and renovations in the Nordic House during its first 25 years.

To mark this and her anniversary, we last week organised a seminar entitled Female Pioneers and Historic Buildings. At the end of the program, we raised a toast to Elissa and unveiled the new name of our auditorium, Auditorium Elissa.

Exalting the male genius is typical of modernism, now it’s time to rewrite history.

Restaurant SÓNÓ now open evenings!

Restaurant SÓNÓ will be open on friday and saturday evenings from now on, with a brand new menu to celebrate spring which is now in full bloom.
Sónó’s menu is seasonal and follows the course of the moon with the best available at any given time. They get their ingredients and inspiration to a large extent from their local area.

Opening hours:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays
10am -17pm
Fridays & Saturdays
10am – 22pm

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