Fuckup nights Åland

Kulturklubben: FuckUp Nights Åland

First Kulturklubben of the year: 

A night to praise failures

Time and place

Monday 15 January, 19.00 o'clock, Foajé, Alandica
Free and open for all!

Everybody knows the road to success is never as easy as it seems, there is usually at least a few bumps on the way.

Fuckup Nights is a global movement where stories of failed business, projects and careers are told, questioned and celebrated. The concept grew from a talk between a few friends who were convinced that the stigma surrounding failure should be removed: success is never final, failure is never fatal. Even the most admired men and women failed several times before achieving success. Yet those stories are never published in books or magazines, or exposed in forums.

Start the new year with inspiring stories and learn what not to do this year!


15 January between 19.00 - 21.00

Speakers for this event will be announced shortly.
Event language is English.

Fuckup Nights started in Mexico in 2012 and has taken over 250 cities worldwide with its motivating movement.

Take the Culture bus to Kulturklubben 

The Culture bus takes the route from Geta, Svinö/Lemland and Eckerö to Mariehamn for an eventful and exciting evening at Kulturklubben at Alandica.
After the event the bus will take the same route back. Click here to see the bus stops and time schedule. 

Book your spot on the Culture bus

It is free! The only thing you need to do, is to book your seat latest on thursday the 10th of January.  Book your seat by sending an email to Williams Buss via e-post info(a)williamsbuss.ax or via phone 018 28 000 (mon-fri 8.30-17).

About Kulturklubben 

Kulturklubben is a meeting point for culture from Åland and the Nordics. Each Kulturklubb offers a new meeting, a new culture experience. 

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