Artcontribution for ReGeneration Summit 2020

We are looking forward to you participating in ReGeneration Summit 2020, August 20th - 21st. Here is you creative challenge!

2020 has taught us that we need to be better prepared for uncertainty and we need everyone to join in if we want to solve today’s global issues. And we need to think out of the box. This is why the ReGeneration is more relevant than ever! Due to COVID-19 the ReGeneration 2030 Summit will be in a new format, which will take place online and in local hubs across the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region.

As a participant of the ReGeneration Summit 2020, nomatter your location, you have a creative-challenge. One that is inspired from the digital exhibition "Washed Ashore" that you can find on So here it is:

Before the summit we need you to be creative. Your challenge is:

  1. Pick up trash or junk that you can find out in the nature.
  2. Take the trash home, clean and sort it.
  3. Now be creative! Build some art out of the trash and junk. 
  4. Take a photo or a short film of your art
  5. Send your contribution to us, through this form.

All of the contributions (photos and films) will be collected to one, and shown to all of the ReGenerations participants during the summit. It will also be spread throughout the Nordic region through the Nordic insitute on Åland. Let us all be creative in order to put a common focus on the plasticproblem in our oceans. 

We are looking forward to your creative contribution! 

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In order to send this form you need to accept how we handle information. If you would like to read more about this you can do so here.

By accepting, you also acknowledge that NIPÅ has the right to publish your artcontribution in order to show it at ReGeneration Summit 2020 and in order to put a focus on the plasticproblems in our oceans through social media and NIPÅs communication channels. Your personal infromation will never be communicated but only something that NIPÅ needs if there is any problems to the files you are sending to us. You personal data will be deleted directly after ReGeneration Summit.

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