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The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) wants culture to be accessible to all as far as possible. We therefore work actively in many different ways through adapted premises, digital platforms and making our website adapted according to the requirements of WCAG 2.1 AA. However, we will not be able to fully comply with certain requirements, as it would currently take a disproportionate amount of resources to make certain adjustments.

Below you can read more in detail about how we work with accessibility and we welcome your contact if you have questions or suggestions on how we can improve our accessibility even further.


Our premises in Mariehamn on Storagatan 9 are nice, modern and accessible for everyone.

There is a ramp up to the entrance for strollers and visitors with functional variations, as well as door buttons that help you to automatically open the doors.

The gallery is equipped with a guest toilet which is adapted for functional variations.

Furthermore, we always strive to have clear texts with great contrasts in connection with our exhibitions.

Digital accessibility of culture

NIPÅ has actively worked with different types of digital platforms in order to make culture more accessible, so that regardless of whether you can get to a specific place or not, you still can be able to experience culture in different manners. This is especially appreciated by many in times and places where one cannot experience culture in a physical place. Our digital channels offer accessible culture regardless of whether you live in the archipelago, in the countryside, or are in a time or place where you do not have the physical opportunity to gather.

NIPÅ works actively i.a. with digital exhibitions on nipa.ax and also streams many cultural experiences, both live and pre-produced material. Everything from concerts, workshops, creative processes, lectures, fairytale moments etc. can be presented in streamed form.

Accessibility on the website according to WCAG 2.1 AA

NIPÅ has commissioned Strax Kommunikation to conduct an independent review of nipa.ax during the autumn of 2020 to analys the website's accessibility. We have together with Strax made a plan for what measures are to be implemented and we work continuously to adapt and develop the website for increased and better accessibility.

The analysis showed that the website largely met the critical WCAG requirements of the EU Accessibility Directive. However, some parts of the website needed to be reworked and restructured, as the website was created before the requirements came into force. We have, among other things, improved contrasting colors, link texts, alt texts, image descriptions and a lot of other formatting.

We have also adapted the content editorially so that you, who use a reading browser, can use the website in the best possible way.

Our website is responsive, in other words it adapts to the screen size you as a visitor have, regardless of whether you use a mobile, tablet or computer.

We are constantly working to make the website and content available.

NIPÅ also has a separate streaming platform in Solidtango (nipalive.ax), where culture is broadcasted and streamed both live and as pre-produced material. However, the accessibility adaptation according to WCAG of nipalive.ax and its content requires large resources and we work together with our nordic sisterorganizations to find good adaptationtools for this.

Please contact us with suggestions 

If you have difficulty using any part of the website, or have any other suggestions on how we can become a more accessible cultureinstitute, we would very mush like to hear from you.

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