About NIPÅ

We are a cultural institution with an objective to strengthen the cultural life in Åland and contribute to Åland’s participation in the Nordic cooperation.

About NIPÅ

Nordens institut på Åland (NIPÅ)

Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) is a cultural institution under Nordic Council of Ministers.

The Nordic Institute of Åland must work for:

  • To be a visible active player in the Ålandic arts and culture scene and to play a leading role in relation to the Ålandic cultural interaction with the rest of the Nordic region and other prioritized geographical areas.
  • To take a leading role as a facilitator of Nordic culture on Åland, as well as Ålandic culture in the rest of the Nordic region
  • Contribute to children and young people having a central place in Nordic cultural cooperation.

NIPÅ is an information point for Nordic Culture Point and Nordic Culture Fund.  We offer guidance and help to choose the correct grant programme in the possibilities for financial support.

Nordic Institute on Åland was founded in May 1985.

harriet's picture

Harriet Lundell

Administrative Secretary
Tel: +358 (0)18 25 243
Mobil: +358 (0)457 34 25 441
anna.lindbengtsson@nipa.ax's picture

Anna Lind Bengtsson

Communication and project manager
Mobil: +358 (0) 457 012 2202
Jacob Mangwana Haagendal's picture

Jacob Mangwana Haagendal

Mobil: +358 (0)40 160 93 00
Alexandra Trizna's picture

Alexandra Trizna

Project Manager
Mobil: +358 (0)40 360 1954

The board 2020-2022

The Board of Nordic Institute on Åland consist of representatives from Nordic countries and autonomous areas

Board members under period 1.1.2020-31.12.2022

Martin Schjerven (NO)
Anusha Andersson (SE)
Rasmus Vestergaard (DK)
Inger Eriksen (GL)
Kristine Dzene (AX)

Statutes and annual reports


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