Picture of Stäni Steinbock, one of the artist on Open Stage at Nordic Institute on Åland, 2021

I look forward to future collaborations!

– As a performing kantele-player, it was a big thing for me that NIPÅ arranged a live concert with me and my kantele-music.
Picture of Karolin Nyman, dancer at Nordic institute on Åland with Moving pARTs

I would love to collaborate again!

"I participated as a choreographer and dancer in the work Moving pARTs at NIPÅ. It was very inspiring and rewarding throughout the process, and I got a great artistic freedom in my creation. In projects I like clarity about meetings and deadlines, and in Moving pARTs I had the pleasure of working with an professional team at NIPÅ. I would love to collaborate again in the...
Lisa Schåman på bild, som dansade i Moving pArts på NIPÅ, Nordens institut på Åland

Thank you NIPÅs online initiative!

"That NIPÅ managed to create such a successful event, despite the circumstances of the pandemic and the subsequent restrictions, made me very impressed! That art and culture are an important environment for humans has shown, especially during the pandemic, that many have stayed at home and needed to reduce the social envorionmet. I strongly believe that we feel good about...
Varste Mathæussen

"Great with personal advice!"

Thanks! The whole process of applying for greater support from Nordic Culture Point for the first time was not easy and therefore it has been fantastic to have a personal advisor from NIPÅ.
Participants from the trip made in 2019

"That's how I learned to write in a new way"

"If there are more opportunities, then apply and go with me! I am so grateful for NIPÅ and everything I learned," says Angelina Eklund. She was one of previous years' participants in a creative writing camp when four young people from Åland together with the writer Zandra Lundberg went in 2019 to the Estonian island of Kihnu on a creative writing camp, funded by the Nordic...
Picture of Birdpeople

"They encouraged me to start a band"

"NIPÅ is always so positive and working with them is both fun and easy!" The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) has not only encouraged Jacob Lavonius to go on a tour in Latin America with his band Birdpeople. A few years ago, he even started a band thanks to the cultural institute NIPÅ. How did it happen? Here he tells the story.

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