Nordic institute on Åland

Do you have project ideas with a Nordic dimension?

Then NIPÅ can inform about the opportunities offered by the Nordic Culture Point and the Nordic Culture Fund. We offer consultation and help you find the right support among the various support programs. We have a large network and can most of the time refer you to an institution or contact person, from where you can get further advice or support.


Check out our culture calender to find out when the next consultation appointment is. During our appointment you will be able to get the advice and help to realize your project.
The dates for our appointments are announced in our calender and there you also find the booking link.


If I have a good project idea? 

If you have a project idea, you are always welcome to introduce it to us. NIPÅ would gladly get it touch with you and hear your ideas and at the same time ensure that you get the best advice on how to proceed.

In what way can NIPÅ help me with my project?

You are always welcome to contact NIPÅ if you have a project or idea that you think we could collaborate around. The project may, for example, convey culture from Åland to the Nordic region or that Nordic artists participate in an event organized at Åland. We particularly wish to establish cooperation with initiators from the archipelago, but are also very interested in collaborating with cultural actors, organizers and musicians / artists on the main island of Åland and in Mariehamn.

Here's a small checklist that may be helpful:

  • You should be in touch with Nordic partners, either if you would want to take your project somewhere or invite artists here.
  • You should have an overview of how you would like to apply for funding
  • You should have a budget proposal 
  • You should think about which audience you want to turn to
  • Last but not least, it is important that you communicate as clearly as possible what idea, story or experience you would like to collaborate with NIPÅ around. Also consider what NIPÅ's role should be in the project

Can you apply for funding from NIPÅ?

You can not apply direct fundings from NIPÅ, but you can always contact us if you have a good idea or project that you want to realize. See the point In what way can NIPÅ help me with my project?

Can NIPÅ help me get in touch with partners?

NIPÅ can in most cases give you good advice on which Nordic cultural institutions, funds and private individuals you may contact. If we establish cooperation on a project, we naturally make available our entire network, just as we hope you can add your own network to the project.

Internship at NIPÅ?

NIPÅ is happy to receive trainees. As a cultural institution, NIPÅ's desire is to create good conditions for the culture. Therefore, we are always interested in getting trainees who can provide NIPÅ with new perspectives and contribute to continued development within the organization.

NIPÅ consists of a number of highly specialized employees who would like to share their own experiences and support the learning process. A good idea is that you first consider why you would like to practice at NIPÅ. We receive school practitioners in a short period of time and for a long time internships from colleges, universities, diploma and master's programs.



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