Nordic Culture Fund

The Nordic Cultural Fund supports a renewed and dynamic art and cultural life in the Nordic region, which is characterized by diversity and is available and of high quality.

During the period 2016-2018, the Nordic Cultural Fund has two main priorities:

  • The fund develops the interaction between strategic support and its follow-up to act as an actor in the development of art and cultural policy.
  • The fund creates visibility and new contexts for our business through proactive cultural policy initiatives and active communication

The work of the Nordic Cultural Foundation can thus be described on the basis of the three parts of the business:

  • The fund provides support for projects that through cultural cooperation contribute to a positive development of art and culture in the Nordic region, and we develop a systematic follow-up of the support.
  • The fund is involved in cultural policy initiatives. We offer venues that can help to visualize, develop and convey knowledge about culture and cultural policy in the Nordic region, and participate in existing networks and create debates with relevant cultural actors.
  • The fund develops our external communication so that we can be a respected actor in the development of cultural policy in the Nordic region, an important source of knowledge about culture and a credible, professional and open partner and contributor.

Detailed information about the fund's criterias and application procedure can be found on the Nordic Cultural Fund's website

The Nordic Cultural Fund is an organization under the Nordic Council of Ministers

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