Kulturprogram 2020

08:00 to 17:00 nipa.ax


Björn Friborg is a Scandinavian glass artist with fascinating artistic range. He disrespects the fragile material and examines what the... Read more »
Digital exhibition with Björn Friborg, glassartist, at nipa.ax. Photo: Hans Runesson
10:00 to 16:00 Galleri NIPÅ, Storagatan 9, Mariehamn

HållbART – exhibition

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) has for a couple of years produced a mini-festival with the theme sustainability, in connection with... Read more »
hållbart exhibition at Gallery NIPÅ 7.9-1.10
20:00 to 21:00 nipalive.ax

Sturla Eide - high-class Norwegian folk music

It was 10 years since Sturla Eide released his own songs, but now he is up to date again with his own material. The Nordic Institute on... Read more »
Sturla Eide at nipalive.ax October 2nd
10:00 to 15:00 Gallery NIPÅ, Storagatan 9

How would you rewrite laws to be more just?

What would your judgment be in a real case? 

Law Shifters is a project created by the Danish artist Stine Marie Jacobsen, where you can...

Read more »
Law Shifters returns to Åland and NIPÅ 6.10-11.12. Stine Marie Jacobsen, Law Shifters, Culture Laboratory, Funen, 2018, Photographer Liv Møller
08:00 to 17:00 nipa.ax

Light and darkness

Yvonne Swahn is a Swedish artist who works from an unconditional starting point where sensations and impressions are interwoven. Memories... Read more »
Distant light. Painting by Yvonne Swahn. Displayed in digital exhibition at the Nordic Institute on Åland, starting October 20th
08:00 to 17:00 nipa.ax

Calm Energy

Creativity, nature and mental health. All these are matters of heart for Marlene Lindbäck. In her digital exhibition at nipa.ax, she will... Read more »
Marlene Lindbäck presents digital exhibition "Calm Energy" at nipa.ax
19:00 nipalive.ax

Big Band evening - and you can do a solo!

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ), in collaboration with Alandia Big Band, is producing a wonderful big band evening on November 6th -... Read more »
Bigbandevening with Alandia Big Band, produced by Nordic Institute on Åland

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