Kulturprogram 2021

11 January
08:00 to 16:00 nipa.ax

Aamodt shows memories of a place

Nicolay Aamodt is a professional Norwegian artist, who will now exhibit digitally at the Nordic Institute on Åland on nipa.ax, starting on 11 January. His digital exhibition is... Läs mer »
Picture of a work of art by Nicolay Aamodt who exhibits digitally on nipa.ax
28 February
15:30 to 16:10 Nordens institut på Åland, Storagatan 9

Dance and art in combination

Can dance be an empathic response to a work of art? What does the interface between visual and performative art look like? Through moving pARTs you get to experience a dancing... Läs mer »
Bild som visar ett konstverk och dansare i samspel inför movingparts.
24 September
20:00 to 21:10 Alandicas auditorium Pris: 10€

Concert with RKDIA at Alandica

Dream pop and power The Nordic Institute on Åland is very pleased to be able to present RKDIA - they promise us emotional, dreamlike as well as heavy beats.
Picture of RKDIA, which the Nordic Institute on Åland arranges in Alandica's auditorium

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