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Can the green transition make the labour market more equal?

According to ILO data, the green transition will generate up to 24 million new jobs. However, an OECD report shows that only 28% of current “green jobs” are held by women. Segregation in the labour market was the topic of the panel debate “Placing gender equality at the heart of green jobs” at the climate summit in Egypt.

New report: Gender norms challenge the green transition

A report published by Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK) presents the biggest survey to date of the link between gender norms and climate impact across the Nordic countries. One of the findings is that a greater focus on caring roles may be an important key to the green transition.

“A new era for Nordic defence” with every Nordic country a member of NATO

Nordic co-operation on defence must be updated in order to bolster collaboration once Sweden and Finland join NATO. This was revealed at a recent meeting between the Presidium of the Nordic Council, the defence committee of the Nordic parliaments, and representatives of the body for Nordic defence co-operation, Nordefco.

Demands from young people at COP27: Fossil-free EU by 2030

Although worst fears didn’t materialise, neither did the most important results. And although many young people were able to make their voices heard, when they get home they’ll need to pile on the pressure on their governments to make the climate agreement a reality. This is how a few youth representatives summarised the COP27 climate summit.

The moment of truth is near – will hopes for the climate be fulfilled?

In the Nordic pavilion, COP27 kicked off with a debate in which young African and Nordic climate activists shared their hopes for the UNFCCC negotiations. The focus was on the involvement of young people, real actions here and now, and better systems for making decisions. Now that the end of COP27 is approaching, young people will soon reflect on whether their hopes were fulfilled.

COP27: The Nordics can pave the way for sustainable diets

Healthy and sustainable diets need to be at the heart of climate action to reduce global warming to 1,5C and to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. That was the message from the high-level panel at the Nordic Food Systems Pavilion at COP27.

"Across the world, women are climate solution-makers”

The involvement of women in international climate negotiations on equal terms with men would have a major impact on climate policy. That was the conclusion drawn by Nordic ministers and African leaders in their discussion on policy measures for gender-equal climate policy at COP27 in Egypt.

“Too little, too slow”

The title of the seventh Adaptation Gap Report by UNEP clearly states that not enough is being done to ensure climate adaptation and that progress to step up investment and action in adaptation is too slow.

Young Estonian with big ambitious at COP27

Estonian Youth want the world to move together towards a green business environment with involvement of young people. They showed us how at the Nordic Pavilion at COP27.

Karen Ellemann new Secretary General of Nordic Council of Ministers

Karen Ellemann has been a member of the Danish parliament, the Folketing, since 2007 and has held a number of ministerial posts in the Danish government. She will take up the role of Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers on 1 January 2023.

The war in Ukraine in a Climate perspective

Focus where on the war in Ukraine when Nefco and The Nordic Investment Bank hosted each their arrangement at the Nordic Pavilion at COP27. Here they tried to get a grip around: how to rebuild Ukraine to become a green society and: how countries through a green transition can become independent of fossil energy and enhance their security.

COP27: Nordic Region wants to ensure a gender-equal climate transition

The green transition will leave no stone in society unturned – so how are men and women affected by this change? On 14 on 15 November, the Nordic countries will host several debates at the COP27 climate summit on what a just climate policy might look like.

“Climate finance is influencing everything else“

At the opening day in the Nordic Pavilion Deputy head of the Swedish delegation to COP27, Christoffer Nelson, shared his thoughts on the main discussion topics and conflicts areas at COP27.

The decisions made at the 74th Session of the Nordic Council

An investigation into the impact of the pandemic on children and young people in poor families, efforts to combat invasive animal species, an extension to the Nordplus programme, the establishment of a Nordic Youth Climate Council, a student programme for students from Belarus, and the organisation of pan-Nordic school partnerships. These were just some of the resolutions made at the 74th Session of the Nordic Council in Helsinki.

The Nordic Region and the African Union urge the COP27 to talk about gender equality

The Nordic Region will join forces with the African Union and highlight the importance of gender equality at the UN climate conference in Egypt, COP27. On 15 November, a high-level event on how the green transition can take place on equal terms for women and men will be hosted by Espen Barth Eide, Norway’s Minister of Climate and Environment, and Josefa Sacko, African Union Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture.

Jeppe Hein’s Breathe with Me to adorn Nordic Pavilion

The Nordic Council of Ministers is bringing Danish artist Jeppe Hein’s acclaimed project to COP27, inviting COP attendees to contribute to the artwork that will evolve in the Nordic Pavilion over the two weeks of COP27.

Jorodd Asphjell – new President of the Nordic Council

Jorodd Asphjell has been elected as the new President of the Nordic Council for 2023. Helge Orten has been elected as the new Vice-President. Both are from Norway, which will hold the Presidency of the Nordic Council next year. During 2023, Norway’s focus will be on a safe, green and young Nordic Region.


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