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Ansøgningsrunde til Nordic Talks

Har du en idé, som kan være med til at forankre Norden i resten af verdens bevidsthed? Så bør du overveje at ansøge om støtte fra Nordic Talks.

UN Executive Secretary: Get everyone involved in the green transition!

As part of a debate with young environmental activists and Nordic politicians, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, the UN Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, has said that the Nordic governments need to talk with residents, entrepreneurs, farmers, indigenous peoples, and young people about the transition that must take place to stem the loss of biodiversity.

Call to coordinate time zones in the Nordic Region

The Nordic Council is calling for a single time zone for the Nordic countries on the European mainland. At its meeting on 15 December, the Council Presidium called on the Nordic governments to work together to ensure that time differences in the Region do not increase.

Route map to a greener Nordic Region

Nordic co-operation will head in a greener and more sustainable direction in 2021, as set out in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Vision 2030. The action plan for the next four years also places greater emphasis on co-operation with civil society.

Baltic Assembly and Nordic Council stand by the people of Belarus

The Annual Summit between the Presidiums of the Baltic Assembly and Nordic Council, held digitally on the 14th of December 2020, was dedicated to a highly topical issue – the situation in Belarus. During the summit it was made clear that the Baltic and Nordic parliamentary cooperation support the people of Belarus in their aspiration for freedom, democracy, rule of law and civil society, and plurality of information.

Kristina Háfoss from the Faroe Islands chosen as new Secretary General of Nordic Council

At its meeting on 14 December, the Presidium of the Nordic Council appointed Kristina Háfoss as the new Secretary General of the Secretariat to the Nordic Council in Copenhagen. Háfoss was born in 1975 and is a member of the Faroese parliament, the Lagting, where she represents the Tjóðveldi party. Alongside her involvement in politics, she has enjoyed a career in the insurance industry. She went on to serve as the Faroese Minister of Finance from 2015 to 2019 and is an economist and lawyer.

The digital dream – healthcare at a distance

Greater use of digital health- and welfare technology will improve welfare in sparsely populated areas. It will also provide a boost to the economy of local communities throughout the Nordic Region and provide access to more flexible and better public services. Bringing this digital dream to life across the entire Region requires political will, trained professionals and greater connectivity. These were some of the main conclusions to emerge from the project Healthcare and Care at Distance 2018–2020, as discussed at the conference Welfare in Sparsely Populated Areas.

Well-being of young people on the political agenda

Most young people are happy with their lives, but the proportion of those who are unhappy is increasing. The Nordic ministers for education want to investigate this. Why is this happening? How can the education sector help to improve well-being among young people?

Women benefit in the digitalised labour market

Women do better than men in a Nordic labour market characterised by digitalisation and rapid technological development. The female-dominated service sector has so far done well in terms of enhancing skills and increasing salaries. However, new Nordic research shows that traditionally male-dominated sectors are at risk of polarisation.

Report: The prevalence of men who use internet forums characterised by misogyny

A new survey of the affiliation of Nordic men with misogynistic internet communities shows that around 850 Nordic young men are active in such forums. The report highlights that the derogatory language about and views on women in these communities are spreading to mainstream social platforms.

Новое сотрудничество Северных стран и России – в фокусе: Арктика, климат и журналистика

Центр журналистики Северных стран в Орхусе (Дания) в 2021 году будет координировать проект «Сотрудничество журналистов Северных стран и Северо-Запада России», целью которого является содействие позитивному развитию СМИ на Северо-Западе России и повышение качества журналистских материалов Северных стран о России. Совет министров Северных стран выделил 2 миллиона датских крон на этот проект, который является прямым продолжением аналогичного проекта на 2019-2020 годы.

Master class for young Nordic and Russian photojournalists

The Nordic Journalist Centre in Aarhus, Denmark, will in 2021 coordinate the project, “Nordic - Northwest Russian Journalist Cooperation”, which aims to contribute to a positive media development in Northwest Russia and to increase the quality of Nordic journalism about Russia. The Nordic Council of Ministers has just allocated DKK 2 million for the project, which is a direct extension of a similar project for 2019-2020.

The Nordic Region takes the temperature of the green transition

Choosing Green drew more than 50 representatives from youth organisations, industry, social organisations, NGOs, researchers, debaters and politicians to discuss the green transition in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Nordic Council of Ministers’ will consider all of the perspectives brought up on the day as it prepares for the climate negotiations at COP26 in Glasgow.

Join the Nordic climate debate on 17 November!

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has stalled climate negotiations, work hasn’t stopped. At the CHOOSING GREEN debate on 17 November 2020, Nordic political co-operation will join forces to brainstorm ideas for next year’s climate negotiations. We’ll talk about climate action, competitiveness, education, and socially sustainable change with some of the most talented people in the Nordic Region. What’s more, you can join us as we broadcast live throughout the day.

Climate crisis engages young readers in the Nordic Region

Can literature create understanding of a changing world and help children to deal with climate anxiety? What trends can we see in the Nordic countries? Climate threats, relationships with nature, and endangered animals are just some of the topics that are occupying space on young people’s bookshelves. A Nordic seminar on children and young people’s literature found that the need to talk about the environment and climate is largely reflected in the books that are popular among and being written by young readers in the Nordic Region.

How to improve the lives of LGBTI people in the Nordic Region

The Nordic countries are among the most progressive in the world when it comes to LGBTI issues. Although a lot of important legislation is already in place, there are still huge challenges to overcome. Consequently, the ministers for gender equality are seeking to raise the bar. The objective of a new strategy is for LGBTI people to be able to live free, open, and good lives in the Nordic Region.


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