Movingparts. Art forms in interaction at NIPÅ.

Art forms in interaction

Can dance be an empathic response to a work of art? What does the interface between visual and performative art look like? Through moving pARTs, you get to experience a dancing work of art. An interplay between a Norwegian artist and two dancers who originally come from Åland, where the dance becomes both a reflective phenomenon of the art and a commentary work in itself.

On May 2nd, there is now an opportunity for you to experience dance art. Two dancers, with roots on Åland, will perform a dance work in collaboration with Norwegian visual art that is projected digitally in a large format. The show will be livestreamed on and broadcasted on IP-TV channel 65.

Norwegian artist Nicolay Aamodt, 39, from Oslo, will show some of his art in moving pARTs. Nicolay also has had a digital exhibition on from 11.01.-11.03.2021, for those who were interested in seeing more of his work.

The dance will be performed by Karolin Nyman, 38, and Lisa Schåman, 28, who both originally come from Åland but they work and live right now in Stockholm.

Before this event, Karolin and Lisa have given a lot of thought to the interface between visual and performative art. They talk about a soft and moving surface, where the visual art is reused. A form of "re-cycle", in a dance work - dancers pick from an existing work of art different "pieces of art" which they patch together into a new work of art. The word recycle itself also indicates movement.

Dance as a reflective phenomenon of a work of art or commentary

" – It is a challenge to interpret a visual work of art with dance. Many questions arise. What should be interpreted, recycled and shaped? The colors and shapes of the painting or the feeling the painting conveys? Is dance a reflective phenomenon of the work of art, or is dance rather a separate answer? and commentary works? ” says Lisa Schåman.

“ – I, as a dancer, express myself and my ideas through dance. Or does the dance express itself through me? These aesthetic and philosophical questions interest me as a dancer and as an artist. ” Lisa continues.

Lisa has roots in Åland, is educated with a bachelor's degree in dance from Stockholm University of the Arts and is interested in the practical and theoretical investigations that exist in artistic practice. Lisa also studies aesthetics at Södertörn University.

To be and see art at the same time

” – It is exciting to be able to be art, be in art, take inspiration from art, create art and see art at the same time in the work Moving pArts. In my performance, I will make an interpretation that is based on the pollution in our oceans. ” says Karolin Nyman who is the second dancer in the dance work.

Karolin grew up on Åland and has been working in dance for about 15 years. She is educated in Sweden and New York and is currently active in Stockholm as a performer and trainer, as well as a choreographer and producer.

The event will be livestreamed on and IP-TV channel 65.

When? 2.5, at 15.30 - 16.10
Where? and IPTV channel 65

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