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Concert: Moddi (NO)

Banned and censored songs on Music Freedom Day 

Norway, Russia, Chile, Great-Britain, Vietnam, Libanon and Mexico are all countries with something in common. They all have artists whose songs have been censored or forbidden for some reason or another.  

Time and place

Saturday, March 3rd, doors open kl. 19:30
Concert starts at 20:00
Bio Savoy, Nygatan 14, Mariehamn, Åland Islands 
Free entrance!


Unsongs project was born fired with inspiration after Moddi heard the story of an Israeli officer Eli Geva who refused to lead his forces into Beirut during the Lebanon War in 1982. Eli Geva song was written by a Norwegian folk singer Birgitte Grimstad. The song remained unheard for years because it was claimed provokative that time. 

Moddi's remarkable album Unosongs was published in 2016.
The album is a collection of 12 songs from 12 different countries, they go beyond 100 years and five continents.
All songs have been forbidden or censored for some reason or another and some of the song writers are still living in exile because of them. 

Moddi has been touring actively with Unsongs. He's been in Soutbank Centre London, Nordens hus in Faroe Islands and Madrid in collaboration with Días Nórdicos

Now Moddi is coming to Åland! He will perform on the Music Freedom Day, 3rd of March in Bio Savoy.
Doors open kl. 19:30, concert starts kl. 20:00.

This concert will move you! 
Everybody are welcome!
Free entrance! 

Photo: Jørgen Nordby Ⓒ

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