Nordic Institute on Åland presents fridayconcert with Emilia Alm April 24th

Emotional music with Emilia Alm

The Nordic Institute in Åland (NIPÅ) continues to produce digital Friday concerts online at On Friday, April 24th, it is time to prersent om of Åland's young, and perhaps now most talked about, rising stars; Emilia Alm - now current in Voice of Finland on TV.

"- I have been singing from a very young age, and have performed at various events such as weddings, baptisms, company parties and concerts of all kinds. I have taken lessons at the Åland Institute of Music since I was 7 years old and still do today." says Emilia who is clearly passionate about the music and the feeling it can give others.

Last year she studied to become a musical artist in Stockholm, but now she is back on Åland in order to take new steps for her musical future.

Durring this liveshow she will do a presentation with Emil Hage, who for some people is familiar with the coverband KIZZ. For this concerrt they promise a blissful mix of pop and rock of all times.

"- Performing live without an audience, does take away some of the fun of performing live. But since it is not possible with audiences in these times, livestreamed concerts are the best solution available. And I am so gateful for this opportunity. The most important thing is to be able to enjoy and get to express oneself with feelings. And the audience is there, just that you do not feel it at the moment! " says Emilia.

When? 24.4, 19.00 - 20.00
Artist? Emilia Alm

Here are some links to listen to Emilia Voice of Finland:

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