Ann-Christin Waller and Bo Söderlund at May 9th

Everyone has a dream

We are happy to announce that it finally is time for a digital event that is first and foremost focused on children and young people! We will do a live broadcast based on the idea of finding contrasts, where we bring together creative people with different ways of expression, from different generations, to collaborate and improvise with each other in live broadcast.

On May 9th, the author Ann-Christin (Anki) Waller, her granddaughter Julia (12 years old) and the artist Bo Söderlund will interact to read stories, talk about myths and create illustrations for this during a live broadcast. It will all be streamed live at

Erik's fairytale, from the book "På en trollsländas vingar" (On the Wings of a Dragonfly)

Anki will read Erik's saga from the book "På en trollsländas vingar" (On the Wings of a Dragonfly), which in 2019 was nominated for the Nordic Council's children and youth literature prize.

During the fairytale reading, we will also enjoy some works by Anni Wikberg who made the illustrations to the book and fairy tale. Here at (further down at tis page) you will find some images with illustrations that you can print yourself and then color during the live broadcast. It can be a nice exercise for both adults and children, to be active creative during the story reading.

We at NIPÅ will be very happy if you then want to take a picture of the drawings you create, and post them on the fb event. In the event that many drawings come in, we will create a small gallery with thess artworks at

In the world of myths

Once, Julia told Grandma how the ladybug got her name. The story was so funny and imaginative that Julia and grandmother became curious and began to think about where the snowdrop, narcissus, cypress and much else has gotten their names. They found out that some names have their roots in the Bible, some in folk tales, some in god stories. They all can be called myths, stories and fairytales.

”- After reading Eric's story, me and my granddaughter Julia will talk a little about our idea of ​​writing myths with each other. Julia will read one of her letters and after that I read one of mine. " says Anki.

While Anki and Julia talk about and read myths, artist Bo Söderlund will draw give life to the the myths by illustrating live in front of the camera.

We would like to invite everyone sitting in front of the screen at home, to take a pice of paper and start drawing. Bo will show you how easy it is to get started - how to use simple materials and how easy it is to be creative. Just dive right into it and draw yourself!

After the live broadcast, NIPÅ will exhibit Bo's illustration in a window towards the street, so that anyone interested can see the work in detail with their his or hers own eyes.

When? May 9th p.m. 15
Who? Ann-Christin Waller, Julia Waller & Bo Söderlund

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