Picture of the group Small Time Giants, which broadcasts a concert on nipalive.ax by the Nordic Institute on Åland in April.

Greenlandic rock with strings

Small Time Giants is considered to be one of Greenland's very best live bands. The band strives to create music with emotion by building on personal and historical tragedies from Greenland. They have made a large number of very appriciated live shows both at home in Greenland and abroad. Now it's time for Åland to experience the group in a concert where they play together Unison Strings Orchestra from Ilulissat.

The band Small Time Giants consists of four guys who once went to the same high school and today are a critically acclaimed band. The music can best be described as emotional indie rock with a great deal of passion. They create music that focuses on both personal and historical tragedies from Greenland.

Critics have previously described the band as "a band with empathy, unpredictability and attitude on stage". In October 2020, the band released the album “Formed By Mistakes” and received very good reviews. The album was created over many years and was recorded in the Faroe Islands. The band is currently keeping their fingers crossed that they will soon be able to plan a tour around Greenland and Europe.

And now the Nordic Institute on Åland wants to present the band to the audience on Åland. In the concert, the band plays together with the Unison Strings Orchestra from Ilulissat. The concert was recorded earlier in connection with the Unison Strings Festival.

The band consists of:

  • Miki Jensen, Song and guitar
  • Pilutannguaq Hammeken, guitar and piano
  • Jakob Skovaa, base
  • Jonas Nilsson, drums

The concert is directed by: Jens Christian Lyberth Lennert & Anda Otto Schmidt
Produced by: Gustav Nyboe Hagner

String arrangement of: Kristine Kier Jørgensen
Sound mixing and mastering: Pilutannguaq L. Hammeken

A warm welcome to the concert!

When? April 23rd, 20.00
Where? nipalive.ax
Artist? Small Time Giants

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