Literature Days in Åland: Susanne Skogstad (NO) and Athena Farrokzhad (SE)

Please note! As a result of the development of the Corona virus and the recommendations for limited public gatherings, the Literature Days have been canceled. We at NIPÅ hope that we will have another opportunity to present Susanne Skogstad and Athena Farrokzhad to the Åland audience.


In collaboration with Mariehamn's Literature Days 2020, March 19th-22nd, NIPÅ offers an author interview with debut novelist Susanne Skogstad from Norway, as well as a poetry reading and book talk with Athena Farrokzhad from Sweden.

Susanne Skogstad  (NO)

Last year Susanne Skogstad debuted with the book "Svartstilla", which is about a woman who gets sick from grief. On Saturday, March 21st, 2020, she will visit Mariehamn's Literature Days to discuss her much-publicized debut novel. Skogstad was born in 1992 and grew up in Eid in Nordfjord, today she lives in Oslo where she studies at the screenwriting line at Westerdals. 

In this book, a young woman writes about an old woman. Giving up life is not easy. Not for anyone. " – Maria Schottenius, DN. 

A promising debut about getting sick from grief.” – John Sjögren, SvD

Athena Farrokzhad (SE)

A few years ago (2013) Athena Farrokhzad (b. 1983) released Vitsvit. The Karin Boye Prize. She lives in Stockholm, is a poet, a literary critic and a teacher at Biskops-Arnö's School of Writers. Right now she is up to date again with In motion.

“It commutes hopefully between anger and love, from stirring to comfort - and back again. At the root of it all lies the reason why people, including those provoked by her, are pointing their ears: the strongly expressed conviction of the possibility of the uprising, that this world can be thrown away and be different." – Victor Malm, Expressen

”Untasteful and extremly vital injection for Swedish poetry! Athena Farrokhzad is one of the most important and perhaps also among the most controversial Swedish poets”. – Josefin Holmström, SvD

Saturday 21th March

13.45 - Author conversation with Susanne Skogstad in dialogue with Janina Orlov.
The author talk is free to take part in, at Mariehamn's city library, and will also be live streamed, so that those who wont be able to go to the library in person, can access it. The link to the stream will be here on this page before the Literature Days take place.

19.30 - Literary supper with Athena Farrokhzad.
Athena Farrokhzad is doing a poetry reading as part of the literary supper, which costs 60 euros and is at Restaurant Nautical. Ticket release for this is February 3rd at Mariehamn bookstore.

Sunday 22nd March

11-12.45 - Literary brunch at Emmaus Returcafé with Athena Farrokhzad.
Tickets are purchased at the Emmaus Returcafe, 22 euros. 

Read more about the literary days and see the entire program here

Photo: Sturlason & Carla Orrego Veliz

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